2019 Team Workouts

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IRON – Bar Fight (location: rig)
8:00 AMRAP:

  • 50 pull-ups (sc: ring rows)
  • 40 toes to bar (sc: hanging knee raises)
  • 30 clean and jerks (15 completed by female, 15 completed by male) (rx: 185/125, sc: 115/75)


  • One athlete moves at a time.
  • Reps can be broken up as desired except a male must do 15 reps and a female must do 15 reps. No minimum reps per person.

Score: total reps completed in 8:00

Tiebreak: time at completion of first round (i.e. take tie break time at the last C&J in the first round only)


LEAD (location: lane)


  • Buy-in: 400m run together
  • Then: male/female pairs split the following work any way you like:
    • M/F pair #1: 40 hang power snatches (rx: 96/65, sc: 65/45) while partner holds their bar in a deadlift (any grip)
    • M/F pair #2: 40 overhead squats (rx: 95/65, sc: 65/45) (sc: front squats) while partner holds their bar in a deadlift (any grip)
    • All: complete 40 burpees over bar in a leapfrog style
  • In remaining time: max prowler sled pushes (no plates)


  • The buy-in is completed together. The barbell portion is completed with one male/female pair working at a time. The sled portion are completed with one athlete working at a time, rotating 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4… etc.
  • Each team gets one male bar and one female bar.
  • The sled may not be turned; therefore, the high handles will be used in one direction and the low handles will be used in the other direction.
  • Athletes each complete one sled push down and one back, then rotate to the next athlete.
  • The sled must completely cross line at each end to be counted as a rep.

Score: total reps of sled pushes; 1 length = 1 reps (i.e., each person will get 2 reps then rotate)

Tiebreak: time last athlete completes the 400m run


STEEL (location: stage)

8:00 AMRAP

  • Accumulate 1.5K meters (sc: 1K meters) rowing and 1K meters ski erg (sc: 750 meters).
  • Simultaneously, complete AMRAP:
    • 10 partner axle bar deadlifts (rx: 360, sc: 300)
      • rx: male side 180 [1 metal 45, 3 rubber 45s], female side 140 [4 rubber 35s]
      • sc: male side 150 [1 metal 45, 3 rubber 45s], female side 110 [1 rubber 35, 3 rubber 25s]
    • 20 handstand pushups with in the standard box (rx: hspu, sc: hand release push-ups)
    • 30 wall balls (rx: 20/14, sc: 14/10) men to 10 foot, females to 9 foot.


  • A male/female pair completes a round and then tags the other pair in to switch.
  • For the HSPU and wall balls, reps can be broken up as desired. No minimum reps per person.
  • While one pair is completing a round, the second male/female pair can be accumulating meters. When required meters have been reached, the team not doing the AMRAP can rest.  
  • Machines will be set to count down total meters. When both machines have hit the required meters, team raises their hands and the pit boss will come over to note the longer of the two machines’ times.

Score: total reps completed in 8:00. If total meters are not accumulated, subtract 1 rep for every 10 meters not finished.  

Tiebreak: time at completion of required meters (i.e. when both machines are completely done)  


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