2019 Partner Workouts

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IRON – Partner Fran
At the rig, in 8:00:
42 thrusters (rx and m40-44: 95/65, sc and m45-49: 65/45, m50+: 65/45)
42 pull-ups (rx and m40-44: chin over bar, sc and m45-49: ring rows, m50+: ring rows)
30 thrusters
30 pull-ups
18 thrusters
18 pull-ups
In the remaining time: max sandbag over shoulder, alternating 1 per teammate (rx and m40-44: 150/100, sc and m45-49: 100/65, m50+: 65/40)

Rules: Reps of Fran can be broken up as desired, but each athlete must do at least 1 rep within each block.
Score: Total reps of sandbag over shoulder.
Tiebreak: Time at completion of partner Fran.


LEAD – Clean Slate
In the lane, in 8:00:
200m run each
10 burpees over bar each
In the remaining time: cleans (rx and m40-44: full squat clean; sc and m45+: power clean into front squat)
16 reps (rx and m40-44: 135/85, sc and m45-49: 85/65, m50+: 65/45)
12 reps (rx and m40-44: 185/105, sc and m45-49: 105/75, m50+: 85/55)
8 reps (rx and m40-44: 205/125, sc and m45-49: 125/85, m50+: 105/65)
6 reps (rx and m40-44: 225/135, sc and m45-49: 135/95, m50+: 115/75)
Max reps (rx and m40-44: 255/165, sc and m45-49: 165/115, m50+: 135/95)

Rules: 1 bar per pair. Partners can help each other load weight. Reps of cleans can be broken up as desired. No minimum reps per person.
Score: Total reps of cleans.
Tiebreak: Time at completion of burpees.


STEEL – Devil’s Delight
On the stage, in 8:00:
Buy-in: rx and m40-44: 66 double-unders each (sc and m45+: singles)
In the remaining time: AMRAP with 2 dumbbells (rx and m40-44: 35/25, sc and m45-49: 25/15, m50+:20/10):
6 devil’s press
6 lunges in place
6 front squats

Rules: The buy-in is performed consecutively: the first partner completes their buy-in before the second partner can complete their buy-in. Each partner completes a full round (6/6/6) of the AMRAP before switching places. If an athlete sets down a dumbbell before the completion of a round, they must complete 6 stage jumps (sc/m50: step-ups) and then pick up the round where they left off.
Score: Total reps of dumbbell movements.
Tiebreak: Time at completion of buy-in.

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