Previous Year WODs


On both days, participants rotate through three workouts which will be running simultaneously. Here’s how it goes:

  • You and your partner will be assigned a heat number and workout sequence.
  • Your heat number does not change throughout the day.
  • Your workout sequence will be one of the following:
    • Iron, Lead,¬†Steel
    • Lead, Steel, Iron
    • Steel, Iron, Lead
  • Here’s an example:
    • Sam and Steph are assigned Heat #5, and the sequence Steel, Iron, Lead. They report to the staging area by the field where the workout named Steel is being held, and waits. They start warming up during Heat #2, runs to the bathroom during Heat #3, and is ready to go. When Heat #5 is called, they walk into the workout area to perform the Steel WOD. They kill it and now wait until the heats cycle through again to #5, at which point they will do the Iron WOD, and then again to finally complete the Lead WOD.
  • Everyone will have the same amount of rest between workouts during the regular competition.
  • After the three workouts are completed, the top finishers compete in a championship WOD.


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