TYM 2015: Choosing Rx or Scaled

The following table will help you decide if you should compete in the Rx or Scaled division.  If you can do multiple reps of the following movements at the Rx weights, then you should register for Rx.  The Scaled division is ONLY for those who cannot do reps at the Rx weight.  If you are registering as Scaled, but cannot do multiple reps for any or all of the movements, don’t worry, you can choose whatever weight you want in order to complete safely.  Dropping below the Scaled weight removes an athlete from medal contention.

By design, the team competition is for 2 men and 2 women.  However, any configuration of athletes can compete as well as drop the weight below the Scaled weight as needed to compete safely.  Doing so removes that team from medal contention.
Where it says “(1 or more teammates)” under a movement, only 1 teammate needs to be able to do that movement at the designated weight, but the more teammates that can do it, the better.

Individual Competitors
Men Women Men Women Masters Masters
Rx Rx Scaled Scaled Men Women
Box Jump-Overs 24″ jump 20″ jump 24″ step-up 20″ step-up 24″ jump 20″ jump
Clean, any kind 225lbs 135lbs 135lbs 95lbs 125-165lbs 75-115lbs
Deadlift 315lbs 225lbs 225lbs 155lbs 205-255lbs 145-165lbs
Double Unders Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Hand Stand Walk Yes Yes No No No No
Kettlebell Swings 2 pood 1.5 pood 1.5 pood 1 pood 1.5 pood 1 pood
Snatch, any kind 135lbs 95lbs 95lbs 65lbs 75-115lbs 55-75lbs
Thrusters 115lbs 75lbs 85lbs 60lbs 65-85lbs 40-60lbs

Team Competitors

 Men  Women  Men  Women
 Rx  Rx  Scaled  Scaled
Deadlift (1 or more reps) 315lbs 225lbs 225lbs 155lbs
Dmbl Hang Squat Cleans pair of 55s pair of 35s pair of 45s pair of 25s
(1 or more teammates)
Hang Snatch 135lbs 95lbs 95lbs 55lbs
Heavy Jump Rope, 1.5″  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes
(1 or more teammates)
Kettlebell Swings 2 pood 1.5 pood 1.5 pood 1 pood
Pistols Yes Yes No No
(1 or more teammates)
Goblet Squats No No 1 pood 25lbs
(1 or more teammates)

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