Test Your Metal VIII: 2018 Standards of Movement

How do we choose a division?
The following table will help you decide whether your team should be in the Rx or Scaled division (or, for partners, Masters). If you can do multiple reps at Rx weights, you should register for the Rx division.

What if we want to compete but we can’t do the scaled weights? Or what if we aren’t the prescribed set of men / women?
Any configuration of athletes can compete, as well as drop below prescribed weights. We want you to have fun and compete safely! Either of these actions will remove that team from medal contention, though. So, for instance, if you need to drop below the weights for your division, that’s fine – you just won’t be able to win an award. Same deal if you aren’t a same-sex pair, or your team isn’t 2 men and 2 women.

I have questions about age groups!
Teens: Athletes ages 14-17 are welcome to compete on either Saturday or Sunday. They will compete in the scaled division unless we get enough teens to warrant a separate division.
Masters: On Saturday, masters pairs will compete for one masters podium, but requirements will be adjusted for each of these age groups: 40-44, 45-49, 50+. On Sunday, masters athletes can be part of either Rx or scaled teams.
Your age group is based on your age on the day of competition.

Did you pull these standards out of your…
Standards are based on those used in the CrossFit Open and in previous Test Your Metal competitions.

Wait, we have to do all of these things??
The standards below are just a guide to help you choose your appropriate division. Not all of these movements will be used. Conversely, it’s possible that a WOD could include a movement not listed here. Again: this list is just a guide.

Can we drop weights instead of controlling them to the ground?
You will be allowed to drop the barbell only if that permission is explicitly stated in the WOD descriptions and in the athlete’s meeting on the morning of the competition. Otherwise, a dropped bar will be a “no rep” for safety reasons.

What about the final WODs?
In the finals, all bets are off and anything goes.

What about…
Movements like running or burpees, and equipment like the Concept2 rower or the Assault AirBike? Yes, you should be able to do those.

How do we register?
Coming soon!

More questions?
Message us at Test Your Metal on Facebook, or testyourmetalcompetition at gmail.

  Rx Scaled Masters
  Men Women Men Women Men Women
Box jumps 24″ 20″ 24″ step-up 20″ step-up 24″ 20″
Clean, any kind, or
front squat from the ground
225 lbs 135 lbs 135 lbs 95 lbs 165 lbs 115 lbs
Deadlift 315 lbs 225 lbs 225 lbs 155 lbs 255 lbs 165lbs
Double-unders Yes Yes Singles Singles Yes Yes
Goblet squats 2 pd 1.5 pd 1 pd 25 lbs  1.5 pd 1 pd
Handstand push-ups Yes Yes Hand release push-ups Hand release push-ups  Yes Yes
Handstand walk Yes Yes No No No No
Jerks 135 lbs 95 lbs 115 lbs 65 lbs 115 lbs 65 lbs
Kettlebell swings 2 pd 1.5 pd 1.5 pd 1 pd 1.5 pd 1 pd
Overhead squats or OH lunges 95 lbs 65 lbs 45 lbs 35 lbs 65 lbs 45 lbs
Pistols (at least 1 team member) Yes Yes No No  No No
Pull-up Chin over bar Chin over bar Jumping 6″ chin over bar Jumping 6″ chin over bar Chin over bar Chin over bar
Sandbags (carry or throw over shoulder) 150 lbs 100 lbs 100 lbs 50 lbs  NA NA
Snatch, any kind 135 lbs 95 lbs 95 lbs 65 lbs 115 lbs 75 lbs
Thrusters 115 lbs 75 lbs 85 lbs 60 lbs 85 lbs 60 lbs
Toes to bar Yes Yes Hanging knee raises Hanging knee raises Yes Yes
Wall balls 20 lbs to 10′ 14 lbs to 9′ 20 lbs to 9′ 10 lbs to 9′ 20 lbs to 9′ 10 lbs to 9′

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