Test Your Metal 2016: The WODs!

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We know you’ve been patiently waiting. (Well. Sort of patiently.) It’s finally time. Here they are: your workouts for Test Your Metal 2016!

General Notes

  • Athletes are responsible for using the proper equipment. Judges and pit bosses are not responsible for this. A movement performed with the wrong equipment will be a “no rep” – for example, not having the right weight on the bar, or doing box jumps at the wrong height.
  • Individual competition on Saturday includes divisions for Rx, Scaled, and Masters.
  • Team competition on Sunday includes divisions for Rx and Scaled (age is irrelevant).
  • If you have any questions, comment on this Facebook post. We’ll address them, and if there’s a need, we’ll do a follow-up post with clarifications.

Individual WODs – Saturday July 16


8:00 AMRAP:
With one barbell (RX: 185/125, Scaled:115/75, M40-44:135/95 M44-49:115/75 M50+:95/65)
9 deadlifts
6 hang cleans
3 front squats
30 double unders (Scaled: 30 single unders, Masters: 30 double unders)

Notes for Individual Iron:

  • An athlete can move directly from one movement into the next – for instance, the last deadlift can go directly into the first hang clean without the bar having to go back down to the ground. However, moving unbroken is not required. Similarly, the hang cleans can go directly into front squats.

Scoring for Individual Iron:

  • 1 point for each deadlift, hang clean, front squat, and double under (or single)


8:00 AMRAP:
800 meter run (Scaled: 600 meter run; Masters: 800 meter run) followed by:
Increasing reps, in a scheme of 1-2-3-4-5… (etc.):
Snatches (RX: 135/95; Scaled: 95/65; M40-44:115/75, M45-49:95/65, M50+:75/55
Lateral hand-release burpees over bar

Notes for Individual Lead:

  • The run is only completed once, to begin the WOD. (It is not repeated for each round.)
  • The run will be out-and-back to a judge or baton.

Scoring for Individual Lead:

  • 1 point for each snatch and each burpee. Run time = tie break time


8:00 AMRAP:
12 thrusters (RX: 95/65. Scaled: 65/45. Masters 40-44: 95/65. Masters 45-49: 85/55. Masters 50+: 75/45.)
12 pull-ups (RX: chest to bar. Scaled: jumping chin over bar. Masters 40-49: chin over bar. Masters 50+: jumping chin over bar.)
5 yards of walking lunges away from the rig with bar.

Notes for Individual Steel:

  • Walking lunges are done with the bar in a front rack position
  • A round is completed when the athlete has completed 12 thrusters, 12 pull-ups, and all 5 yards of lunges so that both feet cross the next line.

Scoring for Individual Steel:

  • 1 point for each thruster, for each pull-up, and for every 5 yards.


Team WODs – Sunday July 17


8:00 AMRAP:
25 yards of face-down hand-to-hand ladder relay to the pull-up rig
Each person performs either 5, 10, 15 or 20 pull-ups (RX: chest to bar, Scaled: jumping chin over bar)
25 yards of relay away from the rig
50 deadlifts, between all team members, done in pairs with partner deadlift holds (RX: 275/185, Scaled: 185/135)

Notes for Team Iron:

  • In the relay, the first team member places one hand on the starting line and lies face-down, stretching arms as far as possible. Team member 2 jumps over team member 1 and lies down similarly, spread out as far as possible as long as their fingertips touch. This progression continues, with the last member continuing to move up, as the team moves downfield. The team is done when a team member can touch the end line.
  • The team decides who takes which amount of pull-ups. They do not need to be unbroken, but each amount does all need to be done by their assigned person. (That is: one person cannot do their amount of assigned pull-ups, plus a few of someone else’s.) The person with 5 pull-ups must complete theirs; then the person with 10; etc.
  • For the deadlift hold, the team splits into male/female pairs.
  • Each pair performs a total of 25 deadlifts: one person deadlifting while the other holds a bar. The “holder” must have the barbell in a correct deadlift hold for the “lifter”s deadlifts to count.
  • The pair can split the 25 deadlifts in any way, and change roles as often as they want, as long as each person does at least one deadlift in the round.
  • Only one pair works at a time.

Scoring for Team Iron:

  • 1 point for each pull-up, and each deadlift.
  • Tie-break = the time after each round of pull-ups the team completes.


8:00 AMRAP:
Team member 1: 9-6-3: Overhead squats (RX: 125/75, Scaled: 95/65) and box jump overs (24/20, Scaled: box step overs)
Team member 2: Calorie row
Team member 3: Holds team member 4 so that they are not touching the ground
Team member 4: Is being nestled in the arms of team member 3

Notes for Team Lead:

  • Each team has one box-jump box, and is responsible for using it at the correct height for each team member.
  • Any way to hold the team member is acceptable, as long it is unassisted, and they are not touching the ground. Acceptable methods include: piggyback, sitting on shoulders, fireman carry, over-the-threshold-style, atlas-stone-style, magical levitation, etc.
  • Team members must rotate after team member 1 completes a full 9-6-3 of both movements. The rotation order must remain the same through the workout.
  • If one person stops, all must stop.

Scoring for Team Lead:

  • 1 point for each OHS and BJO
  • Tie-break = total number of calories rowed by the team


8:00 AMRAP:
10 pistols (Scaled: goblet squats, 1.5 pood/1 pood)
20 hand-release burpees to a thin plate
10 pistols
40 alternating dumbbell snatches (Rx: 55/35, Scaled: 45/25)
10 pistols
80 double unders (Scaled: 80 single unders)

Notes for Team Steel:

  • Only one athlete works at a time. Team members can switch out at any time. To make that switch, the active athlete returns to the starting line to tag in one of the non-working athletes.
  • Each movement must be completed before the next movement is begun (for instance, all 10 pistols must be performed before the 20 burpees can begin).
  • Each team member must complete at least one rep of any movement.

Scoring for Team Steel:

  • 1 point for each rep

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