Test Your Metal 2016: Clarifications

You have questions! We have answers.

General Questions

  • Can I volunteer to be a judge?
  • What if it rains?
    • Test Your Metal is rain or shine. Rain delays will be used if needed.
  • Are there cash prizes?
    • Test Your Metal gives you not crass financial gain, but immortal glory. And a badass trophy.
  • Will there be vendors?
    • The TYM event team will be selling water and a limited amount Test Your Metal and CrossFit Advanced merchandise.
    • The Mobility Docs – Dr. Chloe Costigan, Dr. John Giacalone Jr. & Dr. John Giacalone Sr. – will be offering use of their NormaTec recovery equipment FREE to athletes! (They will not be providing taping or other types of treatment.)
    • MBStix apparel will be joining us for the first time!
    • Additionally, food, drink and other vendors will be located throughout the greater SportsFest site. They’re not the healthiest options so you may wish to pack your own.
  • What about parking? 
    • SportsFest is a large event, so be sure to leave plenty of time for parking. For details, see the SportsFest website.
  • Can I bring a tent?
    • Yes!
  • What’s my heat assignment? In what order will I be doing the three WODs? 
    • Heat assignments will be on your scorecard when you check in. For an explanation of how the workout order works, see this page.
  • What’s that whole speech you give every year? We’re so glad you asked.
    • Cheating is not the same as strategy. Coming up with a strategy to work efficiently, especially for the team competition, is part of TYM. Coming up with ways to do less work than anyone else by finding a loophole is not cool. If you are unsure, ask, and we will clarify for you and everyone else. We appreciate all of you who do this!
    • Don’t be a hater. We encourage competitiveness but will not tolerate abusive behavior. Your judges are volunteering their time to help score for you and keep the playing field level. If you are no-repped, ask your judge why. They are there to work with you. But if you argue with a judge, your day is over.
    • Sportsmanship above all else. We do award the most badass trophies ever conceived, but it’s still just a piece of metal. Don’t sell your soul to the devil for one. Play fair. Sportsmanship and team spirit are commended.
    • No butterfingers.  Unless stated, there is no dropping weights. This rule is due to the competition being held in a field. We need to prevent divots and an unsafe atmosphere. You will be no-repped if you drop weights unless specifically stated. However, if your safety is at risk, absolutely drop it to stay safe… and then you will be no-repped.
    • 3-2-1- Go!  Know when your heats are. Pay attention and be ready to go. Test Your Metal waits for no one. To quote Founder and Bossman Emeritus Greg Tymon, “We run this hoe-down like a finely tuned Swiss clock. Don’t be the one to muck it up.”

WOD Questions (see the WODs here)

  • Individual Iron
    • Do athletes need to bring their own jump ropes? Yes. Let’s repeat that. YES. You must bring your own jump rope. Jump ropes will NOT be provided or sold. All athletes are responsible for having a jump rope.
    • Can I bounce the bar? No.
    • As a scaled athlete, am I allowed to “up-scale” and do double-unders instead of singles if I want? Yes.
  • Individual Lead
    • What kind of snatches? The snatches can be full, squat, power or muscle: there is no depth requirement.
  • Individual Steel
    • For chest-to-bar pull-ups, must the athlete’s chest touch the bar? Yes. The athlete’s chest must make contact with the bar.
    • How will jumping pull-ups be set up? We will provide small boxes and bumper plates to create the correct distance for the athlete to stand on. We will use a 6″ measuring tool (aka, the judge’s pen) to measure the distance from the top of the athlete’s head to the bar. It will be on you to know the right distance and set up yourself accordingly.
    • As a scaled athlete, am I allowed to “up-scale” and do kipping instead of jumping pull-ups if I want? Yes. (And, given the above, you may find that this would be a time advantage for you.)
    • For walking lunges, must the athlete’s knee touch the ground? Yes.
  • Team Iron
    • For the relay, do all athletes need to be all the way into position before the next athlete can begin moving? No. The athletes do not have to wait until the jumping person is on the ground before it is their turn to go. They can begin moving as soon as they are stepped over. However, they DO have to lie completely flat on the ground. You can see how it was done, way back at TYM 2012, in the video at the end of this post, particularly at the 1:33 mark.
    • Can we do sumo deadlifts? No.
    • For pull-up questions, see above. Please note that scaled teams must help each other adjust the correct plate/box distance, and note that up-scaling is an acceptable time-saving strategy.
  • Team Lead
    • For box jump overs, must the athlete clear the box? No. The athlete can land on the box before jumping to the other side.
    • Can the holder…. <insert any of the creative things that you want to get away with… you know who you are>
      • The holder cannot use any kind of equipment at all to help them hold their partner. This includes, but is not limited to: clothing, straps, boxes, barbells, spectators, or a Baby Bjorn.
      • The holder cannot touch the ground with anything but their feet. For instance, the holder cannot support their partner by kneeling, going on all fours, or laying on the ground. If the holder touches the ground with anything but their feet, team activity must stop – same as if they drop their partner.
    • Team Steel
      • Do the pistols have to be alternating? No.
      • For jump rope questions, see above. You must must must bring your own jump rope.
      • How far will the competitors be from the starting line? There will not be a significant distance between the starting line and the competitors.

Individual and Team Championships

  • Anything goes. But we will tell you this: these WODs will not be any longer than the other WODs.

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