Team Competition Roster 2013

Welcome Team Competitors

Please look over the roster.  If your team is not on the list and should be, let me know and we will get it updated.  If your team or someone you know is on the roster and shouldn’t be, let me know that too.  info@testyourmetalcom

Team Captain First Name Team Captain Last Name Team Name
Alex Hall Scaled as Hell
Alli Bertram Team Dub-C
Alli Lizzi The Chupa Cabras
Alycia McGinley The Couch Sweet Potatoes
Amy Woudenberg AMPDUP
Amy Broccoli Team Woosah
Amy Hiller Rock solid
Andrew Rimer Crossfit 973 Alpha
Andy High CrossFit Collective
April Pansy CrossFit Pocono 3
April Pansy CrossFit Pocono 2
April Pansy CrossFit Pocono 1
Brad Hortman SMCF Team ‘Pale and Frail’
Brad Feinberg Team Explode
Brandon Creasy Rax N Sax
Brian Talley Crossfit 973 Bravo
Brielle Kelmer RedShed
Brock Stoltz BA Athletics
Bryan Poepperling Victorious Secret
Caitlin Schuler Dogs of War: CrossFit RS
Chiara Lombardo Shed Shakers
Chloe Costigan Buff and Stuff
Chris Campbell Crossfit 973 Charlie
Colleen Lake Hellifiknow
Crystal Leidy Chupacabra Terror
Daniel Church Team With No Name
Danielle Stetzel CrossFit 973 Delta
Dave Bonanni Team CrossFit Hamilton
David Calhoun Burpees & Beers
Elizabeth Wahlberg Team Explode/5 Star
Emily Beers CFWC Split Jerks & Power Snatches
Gaylemarie Kolb Stroud CrossFit
Gene Dushin MyCouchPullsOut_ButIDon’t
Ginny Bonomo Fantastic four
Glenn Magrini Amish Assasins
James Hewitt Racks & Sacks
Jamie Halper Snatch and Jerk
Janice Lear Crossfit Rocksolid #4
Jason Lear CFB Green
Jason Keesal The Lebowski Urban Achievers
Jeff Dolan Team Dub-C
Jenn Washburn Steel Caliber CrossFit 4
Jennifer Butler CFWC Snatches and Jerks
Jeremy Baker Is It 5 O’Clock Yet
Jesse Rehus Steel Caliber CrossFit 2
Joe Angelo Crossfit Pompton Lakes
John Ribarchik Cross Fit Conshohocken
Jon Maron Where’s The Bacon?
Julia Chiorello CrossFit Hamilton 3.0
Justin Houck The Bar Bangers
Justin Mann Chupacabra Dos Equis
Justin McGinley Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
Kate Eckert Snatchue of Liberty
Kasey Corbett Rock solid pantheRS
Keith Genco THRUST
Keith Pasterak WOD-Tang Clan
ken keppley 3 Over the Hill  & 1 Youngster
Kevin Yurchak CrossFit West Essex
Kolby Klinger Cfb grey
Kurt Miller ApexingSMCFers
Laura Rachko Post WOD All Stars
Lily Cho Shed Kickers
Linda Pagliaro Steel Caliber CrossFit 1
Marc Laquintano Booze Hounds
Marvin Tan AMRAP Bacon-To-Mouth
Matt Willard Chupacabra 1
Matt Whitehead Suns Out, Guns Out
Maureen Miller Team CrossFit Lancaster
Melanie Palen California Dreamers
Melissa Love Crouching Thrusters, Hidden Snatches
Michael Kasprenski Steel Caliber CrossFit 3
Mike Coffman CFB Black
Mike Cahill Redshed Team Jefferson
Molly Robb Rock Solid 2
Nick Steinley Team Explodians
Rachel Crouse Got Snatch?
Rick Neff Burpee Babes with Two Jerks
Robert Armstrong South Mountain All-Stars
Ron Convento Dark Temptation
Sam Greenough Crossfit Valley Forge and the Proven Athlete
Scott Ribarchik CrossFit LBC 2
Shannen Trowbridge Crossfit 973 Echo
Stacey Povorotney Team Grenade
Stacy Hagerty Pervasation
Stephanie Seaman Suns Out Guns Out
Stephanie Haney CrossFit LBC
Theresa Miley CrossFit 973 Foxtrot
Tim Robb Rock Solid 3
Todd Heim Hyper CrossFit
Tom O’Neill Crossfit West Chester 2nd Chance
Tricia Magrini Uncompromised
Tricia Hewitt I’m not a player I just Squat Alot
William BORDE-PERRY Got No Goats

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