Reminders for This Weekend!

Athletes, we can’t wait to see you in a few days at Test Your Metal 2017! If you have any friends still waiting to join you, registration is open until 5 pm Wednesday July 12!

Just about everything you need to know is either in the Frequently Asked Questions section or in the WOD descriptions for Partner day and Team day. Definitely reread them: we’ve been adding clarifications for points on which we received questions. (If you were a questioner, thanks for helping us improve!)
Don’t forget:
  • Partners, you must bring your own jump ropes! There won’t be any for sale this year.
  • Pack lunch, water, sunblock, and maybe an umbrella – TYM is rain or shine!
  • Bring $ for clothing, food, and other vendors.
  • Tag @testyourmetal and hashtag #testyourmetal so we can repost you!
  • Download the Conquest Events app for the live leaderboard.
Both days, check-in begins at 7 am, athletes’ meeting is at 8:30, and heats begin at 9. You’ll get your heat assignments when you check in. See you soon!
– The Test Your Metal team from CrossFit Advanced

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