How To Conduct Yourself At TYM 2013

Competitiveness or Sportsmanship?  Yes Please.

The day of reckoning is almost here.  I want to cover a few rules on how to conduct yourselves at TYM 2013.
  • Don’t be a hater.  We encourage competitiveness but will not tolerate abusive behavior.  The judges are volunteering their time to help score for you and keep the playing field level.  If you are “no repped” please ask the judge why.  They are there to work with you.  If you argue with a judge, your day is over.
  • Sportsmanship above all else.  I know we provide the most badass trophies ever conceived, but it’s still just a piece of metal.  Don’t sell your soul to the devil to own one.  Play fair.  Sportsmanship and team spirit will be rewarded.
  • No Butterfingers.  Unless otherwise specifically stated, there is no dropping of weights.  The competition is held in an open grass field.  To prevent divots and an unsafe atmosphere so obey this rule.  The only exception is if your safety is at risk.
  • 3-2-1- Go!.  Know when your heat is up.  We run this ho-down like a finely tuned swiss clock.  Don’t be the one to muck it up.

Now for some general event info.

  • We have an event website.  Go to the website for all necessary info about the competition.
  • The workouts will be posted by 5pm, Wednesday July 17th.  A
  • Arrive early to the event.  Parking may take a while as our competition a part of a very large event called SportsFest.
  • Bring your food you paleo freaks.  The vendors at this event are under contract and we were not able to bring outside vendors in to provide nuts, seeds and livestock.
  • We go rain or shine.  In the event of a deluge, the workouts will be adjusted as necessary to keep everyone safe.
  • That’s all I can think of for now but stay tuned as more info will be coming your way, and don’t forget to check the website for all pertinent info as well.

Thanks and I’m looking forward to another great event.

If you have any specific questions, don’t hesitate to ask:
  • info@testyourmetalcom
  • 1-800-496-7308

Thanks and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in a few weeks.

Greg Tymon
Director of all things that go correctly.  If they get mucked up, that’s someone else.

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