Competing Scaled But You Can Do Rx? Really?

Here are a few things you should know:

  • 2011: The Scaled division was included in our first year of hosting the competition for those who COULD NOT do the Rx weights.  There was no scoring or awards for the Scaled division.
  • 2012: We included scoring and awards for the Scaled division in our second year hosting TYM.  This was so those who COULD NOT do the Rx weight earned top honors as well.
  • 2013: Last year, a hand full of people competed in the Scaled division who, seemingly, COULD do the Rx weights.
  • 2014: I’m asking that you please reserve the Scaled division for those who CANNOT compete Rx.  I know this gets tricky with teams.  If one person on a team should be Rx but everyone else should be Scaled, I get that.  But if the choice is finishing mid-pack in the Rx division and you would rather win the Scaled, NOT COOL.
  • Be Honest, Be Courteous of Others, and Do The Right Thing!

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.  TYM participants are the shizzle.

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