Changes for 2017

We are so excited to announce a ton of firsts for the 7th annual Test Your Metal, we can’t wait any longer to tell you. Check it out below: changes, prizes, discounts and REGISTRATION!

  • In response to your demand, Saturday will be a PARTNER competition for same-gender pairs. (Sunday will remain a team competition for four athletes – two men and two women.)
  • Thousands of dollars in CASH PRIZES will be awarded to first-place winners in all divisions on both days!
  • Early-bird DISCOUNTS will be available – $20 off the partner competition, and $40 off the team competition.
  • And registration is opening earlier than ever… in fact, it’s open RIGHT NOW!

Register now for the partner competition on Saturday, July 15 and get $20 off 

Register now for the team competition on Sunday, July 16 and get $40 off 

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