2014 WOD Clarifications

Some clarification on the workouts.

General Questions Answered:

  • The divisions are Rx, Scaled, and Masters.  There are prescribed weights given for each division.  Anyone can decide to use less weight than is prescribed in order to have fun and stay safe.  If you do use less weight, then you will no longer be in contention for the trophies being awarded to the top 3 in each division.  I know our trophies are AWESOME, but there are greater travesties in life.
  • We are going RAIN or SHINE.  Your shoes may get wet or even a touch muddy.  Gloves are allowed in case you are worried about your grip on the bar.  We will pause the competition during any heavy rain or lighting.  We will modify workouts as little as possible to keep the playing field level but we must keep everyone safe.

Individual Competition:

    • Rx is doing 30 Doulbe-Unders and Scaled and Masters are doing 60 Single Unders.
    • You can dump the bar off your shoulders during the Back Squats…..as long as 25lbs or more is on either side of the bar.
    • Nothing yet, so i must have had a moment of clarity while explaining this one.
    • Burpees Over the Bar are actually Hand Release Burpees Over the Bar.

Team Competition:

    • 400 meter Relay: The first runner heads down the road 200 meters to a cone with a baton on it. The cone and baton will be color coded to each team’s stall so everyone will know which one is theirs.  Runner 1 grabs the baton, brings it back, and hands it to runner 2 who goes out and puts it back on the cone.  Runner 3 has to bring it back for runner 4 who has to put it back on the cone.  DON”T FORGET THE BATON!  If it’s your are suppose to bring it back and don’t, you have to go back and get it.  Make sense?  You’ll figure it out.
    • Partner Carry: Rx- one parter carries the other 25 meters down their lane, around a cone and back for a total of 50 meters.  Then partners switch and repeat the process.  Scaled- partners do not have to switch, 1 partner can do the 50 meter carry twice.  Anyone not wanting to carry a partner can carry a heavy bag 50 meters, but doing so takes that team out of the running for a trophy.
    • No questions here….yet.

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